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Gold Gallery Picture Frame

Width: 3 
Height: 1 1/8
Rabbet Height: 5/8
Artwork Size: 30  x 40  ( Change Size )
Price: $180.29
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This gorgeous, traditional gold plain air style wood picture frame features a triple ridge along the inner lip, followed by a recessed flat panel shape that leads to a concave cylindrical crescent moon scoop along the outer edge, which is also surrounded by additional ridges on each side of the scoop. The profile width is 3”, and the rabbet depth is 5/8”.

The look of this gold plain air wood picture frame is ideal for gallery artists, whose vivid colors capture the essence of outdoor painting, and maintain a tradition of bringing the labor of art into natural environments. The benefit of choosing a gold frame in this context is to emphasize the warmth found in ideal outdoor lighting situations, such as the late afternoon sun.

Additional artwork types that work well in this gold plain air wood picture frame include classical portraiture, modernist works such as fauvism and cubism, and any art that is mid-century or earlier.

Besides original paintings on canvas, this gold plain air frame is also a good choice for matted works on paper, from original watercolors, to fine art etchings and intaglio prints, to pen & ink drawings, giclee prints, and regular posters.

Project Details
Frame [V217] Change
Inside Dimensions: 30  x 40 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 35 5/8 x 45 5/8
Width 3 
Height 1 1/8
Rabbet Height 5/8
Cost Per Frame: $180.29
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $180.29
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $180.29
Total: $180.29
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