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Floating Picture Frame in Black - V825

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The best floating picture frame for canvas wall art that is 1" thick or less. This black floating frame features a slighter wider face than typical canvas floaters, with a 9/16” width across the face.

Thin panel paintings on canvas board or hardboard may also be framed in this black floating picture frame, but framing items that are thinner than 3/4” require building up the panel with blocks underneath. The artwork would then need to be mounted to the blocks.

A floating picture frame is different from regular picture frames. It is designed without a front lip, and is not suited for multi-layered frame components such as glazing and mats. Rather, the floating picture frame moulding style is only suited for singular objects like varnished canvas paintings, that are exposed to potential environmental conditions such as fingerprints, dust, and moisture.

If your artwork is on paper, such as photos, watercolors, prints, or documents, you might consider choosing a different frame – one with a lip such as V519 or V1300 – in order to contain mats, glazing, and mounting board on the back.