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Do I Want To Mat My Art?

I'm going to explain to you when you may or may not want a picture frame mat for your artwork. Mats are used all the time on a posters, pastels, watercolors and photos. They are used to enhance your art with color. If it's an original watercolor or a pastel, this is the easiest way to go about not having the artwork touch your acrylic or your glass. When your artwork touch your glass or acrylic, you always risk ruining your art because of condensation. Having that little bit of space between the glass and a picture frame mat is really beneficial. Mats are not typically used on an oil painting.

By adding a mat around the outside of your image the piece you are framing will get larger. This will add to the price of the framing not only because you are purchasing a mat but all the other materials get larger and thus they get more expensive.

If you want to stay less expensive you don't have to buy the mat. We've sold thousands of frames that have the art go directly into the piece and touch the glass. It really comes down to your personal preference. Do you need to protect of your art, add color, save money. Nobody can answer this question but you. There's no absolute right or wrong!

One last note If you want to protect your art and not use a mat you may want to use glass spacer. If you do not know what glass spacer is watch our video on it and you can find it to purchase under the supplies area on our website.