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Glass Spacers Install

In this video, I'm going to teach you how to use Econoline glass spacer. This is a great material to use when you do not want your artwork to touch your acrylic or glass. It comes and black and clear. We sell it in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4. It is peeled like a sticker.

Put the glass or the acrylic into the frame with the protective coating off of it and get it into the frame (if it is a wood frame). If it is a metal frame just put the glass on a flat surface.

One thing to note is sometimes, there are different allowances with glass and acrylic inside of frame. Make sure that the glass is all the way down where it will be with gravity. Start by cutting one piece of spacer right to the exact size the glass is. Peel off the spacers backing and stick it down to the edge of the glass or acrylic.

Bump the second piece of spacer against the edge of the spacer that's already in frame use a razor blade and cut the spacer to fit in to the exact size. Work your way around in a circle around this frame, putting the spacers in. Keep being careful to not touch the acrylic or glass with my fingers and put fingerprints on it. After you get all the spacers on the glass you can set your art on the piece with the backing and you should be all set.

Glass spacers are there so your art doesn't come in contact with glass or acrylic. Over time, especially with glass, you can get condensation on a photo or on an original that will ruin your art. So it's always a good idea to either use a mat or glass spacer on your artwork. If you had to choose between glass and acrylic you'll get less condensation with acrylic than you will with glass.