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Measure Art

In this video, I'm going to go over measuring three different pieces of art and how to get the perfect measurement depending on what it is you're framing.

This first one is a stretched canvas. Stretched canvas, are usually stretched on a wooden stretcher bars. Typically when they are stretched they have double thick canvas around the corners. Be sure to measure at the corners where the fold is and measure in the middle of the art. So you are measuring the art in three places horizontally, and vertically. It's very typical to get three different measurements at each location. When you order a frame you want to order the frame at whatever size is the largest.

On this piece of art, it's pretty self-explanatory where to measure from. You just measure from edge to edge.

This one is a little bit trickier because you have the white border around the image. It is very common for a print image to have white border around it. If you're going to frame with a mat, lots of times a mat will cover the white border. Regardless of whether you're going to put a mat and frame on it, or just a frame you measure the same. You measure just the artwork without the white border.