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What Should I Order With My Frame?

Here is some of the picture framing materials that you need to order to do your picture framing project. Regardless of whether you order a wood picture frame or a metal picture frame, the remaining components are the same.

Order a piece of glazing (acrylic or glass). Glass protects your art from the elements. You want to use glazing on most framing projects. You do not typically want to use it on an oil painting.

Order a picture framing backing board. We have lots of different backing boards to choose from. The backing board is there to make sure your art has a ridged back. If your art is attached to a hard back you may not need a backing board. If you artwork is floppy you do need one. You do not typically want to use it on an oil painting.

Order a hanging hardware kit (Wood frame). If you order a metal frame this kit is always included. This is everything you need to attach to the frame to able to hang it on your wall.

Let's you have a piece that's already matted, and it's already on a piece of backing board. In this case, you'd only need to order the frame and, acrylic or glass, and the hardware kit.

Let's say you had a stretched canvas, and you wanted to order a floater frame. Order the frame, hardware package.

Let's say you had a stretched canvas and you want to go a little bit more traditional style frame. Order just a regular style frame and the hanging hardware kit.

There are other options to do framing but these are showing you the minimums.