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Acrylic - Explained

Acrylic is a form of glazing, similar to glass. It's our alternative to glass because it is shatter-resistant. The brand we sell is Acrylite, and it’s a great product. The thickness of framing-grade Acrylite is similar to glass: it’s about three thirty-seconds of an inch thick.

The benefits of acrylic are vast, from being lightweight to being harder to break than glass. That's why acrylic is the best option for shipping. The biggest drawbacks are that acrylic scratches easily, and acrylic can attract dust during the fitting process due to static. Museum Optium acrylic is the exception due to anti-static technology.

Aside from the few drawbacks listed above, acrylic comes highly recommended in most situations. Even museums use acrylic to protect artwork. We sell five different types of acrylic: regular, non-glare, conservation, conservation non-glare, and Museum Optium. Please watch the video for each product to learn more about the differences.
When working with acrylic, wear gloves to avoid getting fingerprints on the surface. The acrylic sheet comes with a protective film layer on each side. You’ll need to peel both sides off before placing this glazing option against your art.