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Stretched Canvas Installed Into Wood Frame

In this video, I'm going to show you how to attach a stretched canvas into a frame. The assumption here is you have your stretched canvas, that's already stretched. You've told us what thickness this is, because that's important. If you tell us what thickness this stretcher bar is we then know what hardware to send you to hole the stretcher in the frame.

Take your frame and set it in the back of the frame, "Whoa, what's going on, my canvas sticks way out the back of the frame." Ah, not to worry this is very common. When you actually hang this against the wall, unless you view it from the side it will still looks good from the front.

This is an offset clip. What you're going to notice sometime is that the clip doesn't sit totally flat on my canvas. That's okay. Even if it has a little bit of a bend and you put this screw in here, and you attach this down ... I'm putting this screw into the frame, not into the canvas itself. Put a screw in the picture frame in one offset then I do another one. Tighten the screws up snug. You're going to see that in just a split second, even if I only have two off sets in here, this thing is not going to fall out of this frame.

Now you've ordered a frame that the canvas goes all the way down inside of the frame. We sent an offset clip that will handle this. Drop it right down inside of the picture frame there. You can just flip the clip and put screw right up in there and screw it in. Once again, it's just putting pressure down on there. Put four of those in all the way around on something small like this.

If you had a big canvas of course we'll send you more off set clips. If you have a point gun and you don't want to use canvas clips that is just fine. You can purchase a point gun from us if you like. We also could have possibly sent you push point glazier that you can use to hold in the art.