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Glass 5 Types

This video briefly describes the five different glass types we sell on our site. In order of most economical to most expensive, the options include Regular glass, Non-Glare glass, Conservation Clear glass, Anti-Reflective glass, and Museum glass.

You’ll see in the video that Regular glass has a mirror effect in its reflection, while Non-Glare glass is much more muted or diffused. Conservation Clear glass, on the other hand, looks the same as Regular glass, but protects against 99% of UV rays to resist fading.

Anti-Reflective glass is another option we sell, and it’s important to note the differences between this and other options. Like Non-Glare glass, Anti-Reflective glass cuts down on the mirror effect of glass, but our Anti-Reflective option has more clarity than the hazy look of Non-Glare.

In fact, Anti-Reflective glass looks nearly identical to Museum glass in its clarity and anti-reflection characteristics. The difference between Anti-Reflective glass and Museum glass is that Museum glass also protects against fading. From the right angle, you can’t even tell there is glass on the piece.

Keep in mind that our glass options correspond to our acrylic options. Regular acrylic, for example, is an alternative to regular glass. We only ship acrylic, so glass is only available to local customers.