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Push Point Glaziers Install

In this video I'm going to quickly demonstrate how to use push point glaziers. A push point glazier is a sharp point, that's going to keep all of the materials inside of this frame so they do not fall out the back. Take a push point glazier, and put it up to the edge. What I have here, is a weight. I have a flat-head screw driver with a decently wide area here for that to push on. You don't want a narrow screwdriver. The weigh (or even a piece of wood) is doing two things, it's protecting my hand if I slip, and it's also protecting the frame, to not mar the edge of it if I slip. So you just push the push point glazier into the side of the frame here.

That's a pretty good indication of how many I would do on this side. I'd probably put like three or four on this side. If you have a really hard wood picture frame, sometimes it's hard to drive it in. So you can take your hammer, and you can give this a couple of taps to begin with. This is a softer wood, but I could tap that basically, and tap that, and drive that in. And once I get it started, a lot of times, then you can kind of push it in the rest of the way.

Push point glaziers keep the art in the back of the frame for you.