V848 - Wide Ivory Canvas Frame

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Artwork Size: 11  x 8  ( Change Size )
Frame Details
Supports artwork up to 1 1/2'' deep
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Ideal floater frame for art 1-1/2" thick or less. This ivory colored wood floater frame features a unique set of characteristics not found in most picture frame mouldings, due to both the floater frame design concept and also the substantial thickness of the outer wall on this particular wood floater frame.

The finish of this ivory wood floater frame offers an antique, distressed, painted look of vintage steel, with the appearance of rust along the edges of the profile of this wood floater frame.

Floater frames do not have a front lip. Instead, the artwork gets attached to the frame from the back with screws. For this reason, works of art that require mats or glazing are not compatible with this floater frame design.

The most ideal artwork for the floater frame design is artwork that does not require glass or acrylic glazing. In fact, stretched canvas paintings are most ideal for the floater frame design, but other panels, such as prints and signs on metal, paintings on rigid hardboard material, and canvas boards, are also ideal for this ivory wood floater picture frame.

Design Pricing and Details
Frame [V848] Change
Inside Dimensions: 11  x 8 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 14 1/8 x 11 1/8
Floater Reveal 0
Width 1 1/2
Height 2 
Rabbet Height 1 5/8
Supports artwork up to 1 1/2'' deep
Cost Per Frame $64.18
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $64.18
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Cost Per Set: $1.95
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $1.95
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $64.18
Hanging Hardware: $1.95
Total: $66.13
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