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Tall Gray Canvas Frame

Width: 5/16
Height: 2 5/32
Rabbet Height: 1 5/8
Artwork Size: 8  x 10  ( Change Size )
Price: $54.14
Larson Juhl - 589111

Ideal floater frame for art 1 1/2" thick or less. This solid cherry hardwood floater frame by Larson Juhl is finished in a transparent gray wash to simulate a Cape Cod weathered look. The cherry wood substrate is harvested from the Cumberland Gap region of the Appalachian Mountains.

Artists throughout the United States enjoy this affordable made-in-America hardwood floater frame for its durability and versatility. The neutral cool gray coloring of this cherry hardwood frame goes with a vast array of color combinations and art styles.

In addition to framing stretched canvas and thick panels and boards, artists may also find this gray-washed solid cherry hardwood floater frame useful in framing acrylic face mounts and metal prints of their work, whether it be reproductions of original work, or limited edition prints of digital art and photography.

In addition to using this gray cherry floater frame for a gallery series or signature look for art fairs and festivals, other possibilities include framing hotel and restaurant art and decor, especially for settings that include cool gray earthy tiles and other neutral elements. Floated menu boards and other signage would be especially convenient in a floater frame, especially if the items to be framed are mounted using a removable method such as Velcro.

Design Pricing and Details
Frame [V480] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8  x 10 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 8 3/4 x 10 3/4
Floater Reveal 0
Width 5/16
Height 2 5/32
Rabbet Height 1 5/8
Supports artwork up to 0'' deep
Cost Per Frame $54.14
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $54.14
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $54.14
Total: $54.14
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