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Floater Frame For Panels in White - V1290

This frame will support artwork up to 3/8" deep
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Do you need standard sizes? We sell them in bundles to save you money Click Here. Ideal floater frame for panels that are 3/8" thick or less. White-coated floater frames for panels offer the functionality of an L-shaped floater frame with the convenience of a shallow rabbet depth, specifically designed to accommodate thin panels, canvas boards, and ceramic tile art. The profile face is 7/8” wide, and the rabbet depth is 3/8”, ideal for panel paintings ¼” thick or less.

In addition to framing original panel paintings in this white floater frame for panels, consider framing acrylic face mounts and other digital prints such as laminated paper prints mounted to white foamcore. The look of clean, contemporary white is best suited for laminated photography and also light and soft art such as waxed watercolors.

For a unique installation, consider making a larger piece of artwork out of a bulk quantity of square frames utilizing this contemporary white floater frame for panels. A grouping of nine squares may simulate a Rubik’s cube, for example. A grouping of smaller works may also make up a larger landscape image as seen in recent works by David Hockney.

These frames are what Carol Marine recommends for framing your small works. This contemporary white-coated floater frames for panels is especially useful to festival artists and art fair artists selling a large quantity of small, reasonable-priced panels to the general public. Items that don’t sell at one art fair can be easily boxed up and sent to the next venue, especially if all the panels are the same size.