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White Floating Frame - V1293

This frame will support artwork up to 3/4" deep
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White floating frame is perfect for 3/4" canvas art or less. This exciting new white floating frame is a Web Picture Frames exclusive, designed to meet the needs of our artist friends and customers. This white canvas floater features a thick 1/2” base to give strength to the mitered corners, and accommodates canvas or panel paintings and laminated prints.

Artwork that is clean and contemporary works especially well in this white floating frame, including colorful or black & white photographs mounted and laminated to a substrate such as foamcore, gatorboard, plywood, MDF, aluminum, acrylic, and more. For giclée prints on canvas, remember to staple the canvas to the back of the stretcher bar instead of the side, in order to hide the staple marks.

Another project idea is to paint a series of small panels on 3/4” material, and display them in a grid. Bold colors are exciting, but also a splotch of color in a sea of gray could be interesting, and paintings that feature turquoise blue and ocean themes are oftentimes complemented by a white floating frame.

Additional themes that could pair with this simple white floating frame include children’s art, florals, landscapes, and imagery that would emphasize a nautical or coastal beach house look.