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How Much Do Mats Cost?

This video briefly explains how we price our mats. We have five different categories of mats, from economy and archival, to 8-ply and black-core. We also offer over sized mat options that come out of a 40x60 inch mat board. These options all price out differently.

We’ll start with our most common seller, the acid-free archival mat. If you look at the column in the video that starts with 8x10 and increases in size, what you’re looking at is the outside dimension of the mat. The outside dimension of your mat could be any size up to that size listed, and it would be the price that corresponds to that row in the column.

For example, if we were cutting a mat with an outside dimension of 8x10, you can see that it would cost you $8.03. Two to four of those mats would cost you $7.08 each, and so on. The more you order, the lower the price becomes.
We have these tables on our site under the "discount mat pricing table" so you can look and quickly see what mats are going to cost, without having to run through the custom matting program on our site. If you are looking at the table and you say, "I want a double mat", just find the column with the mat you want, and double the price. For a triple mat, you would triple the price.

If you are an artist and you haven’t made your art yet, keep in mind that the 16x20 size is a magic number for us. We can get four 16x20s out of a 32x40 mat board, so our mat prices are lower if you stay within the parameters of 16x20. If your mat was 16x21, it would be a less efficient use of the board, and our pricing reflects those waste discrepancies.

The other pricing caveat is in regards to over sized boards. Pricing is definitely higher if the overall size exceeds 32x40, because then your order is coming out of a 40x60 sheet. Furthermore, the selection of 40x60 boards is much more limited due to what the manufacturers make and what distributors offer.