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Do I Want A Single Double or Triple Mat?

This video explains why you might want a single, double, or triple mat around your art. You’ll see that we are starting with a piece of art, and we’ll show you what this artwork would look like with a single mat. We say, Wow, that's a lot of red on this, because my kitchen's red, so I want to add some red to this piece. Because I like red, so I want to add that.

A solid field of red color might be overpowering, or you might like it just fine, depending on your taste. But, you might like it better with a second mat over the red, to lessen the intensity, with a softer color that doesn’t compete with the art.

On our site, you can adjust the amount of color that is revealed in your mat design through program in the custom mats section of the site. You can play around and find a good balance of color for your taste, whether you’d like to see an eighth inch of color, or a half inch of color on your bottom mat. So that’s a double mat.

Then we can take it to the next step, where we add the third mat, the triple mat. We say, Well, maybe I want to do that, maybe I want to bring a little bit of blue back into the piece.

Now we have three different colors, and the bottom and middle mat each have their own reveal measurement, such as an industry standard quarter inch thickness, or slightly different thickness such as three-eighths or a half inch. So you can play with all those different amounts and get the look that you're going for, for the piece that you want. Ultimately, you are in control, whether you want a single, double or triple mat.