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Glass - Conservation Control UV

Conservation Clear glass is a TruVue product that blocks 99% of UV light, and it's 1/16th of an inch thick. It offers the highest level of UV protection available in the industry. Over time, light rays, whether indoor or outdoor, are going to harm or fade or discolor your art, photographs, and other important personal keepsakes. If you want to help preserve your treasures, the best thing you can do is to put a conservation glass over the front of your pieces.

Regular glass and Conservation Clear glass look identical. The difference is that Conservation Clear glass has a protective film on one side. This film should be facing in toward the art to avoid scratching over time. And if you want UV protection but don’t care for the mirror effect of regular glass, you could choose Museum glass, which is super clear and protective.

One way to tell which side of your Conservation Clear glass faces in or out is the scratch test. You can take a razor blade and try to scratch an area of the glass that will be covered by the frame. If it scratches easily, this side has UV protection and should face the art. If the glass doesn’t scratch along the edge, that side faces out.