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Glass - Museum

Museum glass is a Tru Vue brand product that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays to protect against fading. Museum glass is three thirty-seconds of an inch thick, and the preventative conservation characteristics with anti-reflective properties and superior clarity make this glass a crème de la crème product in the world of picture framing glass. With other glass, you can see that reflections in glass are mirror-like, but with Museum glass, it’s often hard to tell that there is any glass at all. It almost comes across with a little touch of color, almost a slight hint of bluish color in the right light.

Museum glass is ideal for framing shadowbox keepsakes that you want to be able to see with clarity. It’s also a good idea to use Museum glass on important works of art of high value, and any art where the added cost of Museum glass is not prohibitive to your budget.

There is a right and a wrong side to Museum glass when you put it into the picture frame. On one side, right at the edge of the glass, take a razor blade and scratch the glass in a place that will be covered by the lip of the frame. If it scratches easily, that is the side with UV coating. The side with UV coating should be placed on the inside near your art, so that it is not exposed to scratching. The side that faces out is smooth and won’t scratch as easily. When handling Museum glass, wear clean cotton gloves, nitrile gloves, or vinyl-coated gloves. Fingerprints show up immediately on Museum glass, and they can be difficult to remove. If you need to clean Museum glass, never use ammonia. Instead, try a foaming glass cleaner like Sprayway and spray into a clean lint-free cloth. If you find streaks, wipe with the damp area of your cloth until the streaks disappear.