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Glass - Non-Glare

Non-Glare glass is also referred to as reflection control glass. This is a Tru Vue product, and it’s about 1/16" thick. It blocks 45% of UV light rays but that’s not enough to do any good to help preserve your art. You would need Conservation glass or Museum glass to get into the 90th percentile for blocking UV rays.
Non-Glare glass has a right side and a wrong side when assembling your framing project. The side that is fuzzy faces out. The other side of the glass has a reflection that is mirror-like, so you want to have that side facing your art.
The drawback to Non-Glare glass is that it doesn’t have as much clarity as other glazing options, so it’s best not to use this glass on shadowbox projects or other framing projects where there is a space between the glass and the art. So just keep in mind that when you use this product, you want to have the artwork right up against the glass or within a couple of mat distances away.