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Art Securing Hardware Install

Art Securing Hardware is the metal hardware that holds your artwork and other components into the back of the frame. This may consist of bendable tabs, glazier points, offset clips, or screws, but usually consists of bendable tabs that hold everything in place. It’s different from the hanging kit.

We determine how deep to set the art securing hardware in your frame based on how thick your artwork is. For example, if you specify that your artwork is paper thin, we set the tabs at the depth of your additional materials, whether you buy acrylic, mats, backing board, or glass spacers.

If your art is on an eighth-inch panel, we would set the bendable tabs an eighth-inch back from the other materials you’ve ordered with your frame. And if you have a three-quarter inch stretched canvas painting that needs no other layers but the frame, we would set the depth of the tabs to three-quarters of an inch.

In many cases, we will simply provide the hardware and let you place the hardware in the frame yourself. The only time we install the art securing hardware in production is when it requires the use of a pneumatic point gun, such as bendable tabs. Other types of securing hardware are simply provided with your depth requirements in mind.