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Black Picture Frame Wood - v1332

This black picture frame wood moulding has a look that is reminiscent of antique Chinese-lacquered furniture. The inner lip features 4 various steps that each reveal a red line along the edges of each step, implying age and wear. Red represents the base coat that sits below a lacquer finish.

Next is a row of indented concave beads, stamped to the flat body of the profile. The remainder of the profile is flat, leading to an outer edge that features another red line indicative of wear and handling. Overall, the finish has a satin sheen, perhaps suggesting age since a traditional Chinese lacquer finish would have been high gloss.

In a contemporary setting, this black picture frame wood style is ideal for Asian travel photography and home decor, another great pairing would be to frame original art such as Chinese ink wash paintings known as literati paintings, or traditional calligraphy.

Brush paintings such as those mentioned above are known to convey the spirit of things instead of the accuracy of rendering muscular anatomy or landscape details. In a sense, the ancient origin of ink wash painting was expressionist, and it was mostly the work of scholars, or literati. Pairing this style of artwork with V1332 emphasizes a traditional look, and one of sophistication and scholarship.

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