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Silver Poster Frame - V842-1

This 1-3/4" flat faced silver wood picture frame offers a bold and blocky look due to the deep 2-1/2” outer walls. The smooth face of the profile has a black pseudo rubbed appearance to give it an aged look with subtle leaf marks simulating hand applied silver leaf. The rabbet depth is a full 2" with a lip depth of 3/8" which gives you an additional sense of depth.

Ideal for materials up to 2” deep, this flat faced silver wood picture frame can be used for shadowbox frame projects, as well as stretched canvas paintings up to 2” deep. Additional uses include traditional framing projects such as matted works on paper, where a thick frame is desired for aesthetic purposes. This frame is also recommended for heavy objects like mirrors or other heavy pieces of art due to it's size and thickness being able to support them.

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