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Gold Floating Frame - V4000

This frame will support artwork up to 1 1/2" deep
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This leafed soft gold floating frame has a rubbed top that reveals fine red lines. These along with the faint leaf lines gave the appearance of a true gold leaf frame. It was due to be temporary addition because our regular gold was unavailable but the beauty and quality of this frame has made it a permanent addition to our line.

The gold floating frame style originated as a mid-century trend among artists, and has risen in popularity as a common design aesthetic, specifically for artwork that doesn’t require a lip on the frame. Canvases and rigid hardboard panels are the most common items to frame with this gold floater frame style, because they don’t require a lip. Any kind of art that requires glazing or mats would need a traditional lip profile, in order to hold the contents in the picture frame.

The gold floating frame finish is bright, but also neutral, as it sits on a smooth, contemporary, minimal profile. For this reason, this particular profile is an excellent choice for artists working in a series and seeking a uniform, signature look among all their work.

Finally, consider this gold floating frame for non-traditional uses, such as DIY decorative serving trays or utilitarian household projects such as key holders, bulletin boards, and family name tiles.