Yellow Floating Frame For Art - V88

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Artwork Size: 8 x 10 ( Change Size )
Frame Details
Supports artwork up to 1 3/4'' deep
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Pop Yellow is a floating frame for art. It's from our bright and colorful new collection of high-gloss mouldings in multiple colors. This frame is Yellow with a simulated wood grain under a high gloss clear finish. It is a deep floater frame, with a bright white, 2" rabbet depth and 3/4" face with a slight scoop. Ideal for modern art and interiors with a contemporary to transitional design theme, this floating frame for art will make your walls Pop! It's the perfect collection for complementing colorful artwork as well as adding impact to any design.
Design Pricing and Details
Frame [V88] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8 x 10
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 9 5/8 x 11 5/8
Floater Reveal 0
Width 3/4
Height 2 3/8
Rabbet Height 1 7/8
Supports artwork up to 1 3/4'' deep
Cost Per Frame $57.86
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $57.86
Hanging Hardware [WoodHanger] Change
Cost Per Set: $1.95
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $1.95
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $57.86
Hanging Hardware: $1.95
Total: $59.81
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