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Gold Canvas Floater Frame - V1425

This frame will support artwork up to 3/4" deep
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Gold canvas floater frame for art 3/4" thick or less. This gold-colored wood floater frame offers a contemporary floater look on a traditional gold picture frame finish.

In addition to framing stretched canvas paintings, this gold canvas floater frame may also be used to frame canvas boards, rigid hardboard panels, prints and posters that are mounted and laminated to foam core or gator board, and waxed or sealed watercolor paintings on rigid watercolor paper, especially if it has deckled edges.

The gold canvas floater frame look originated as an economical alternative to framing in the mid-20th century, when abstract expressionist painters worked on very large canvases. Rather than framing a large work, artists would tack thin wood strips around the perimeter of their paintings for minimal distraction and cost.

Over the postmodern and millennial years, the wood stripping aesthetic has morphed into the canvas floater frame style, in which a gap exists between the art and the frame. The L-shaped profile allows the canvas to be attached from the back with screws, rather than obtrusively tacked from the side.

Today, the gold canvas floater frame style is a versatile framing choice for single item art pieces, where no glass, mats, or other layers are required. Whether framing a miniature 5x5 panel or framing a 24x36 picture, this gold wood floater frame is worth considering on items no deeper than ¾” thick.

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