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Gold Ornate Picture Frame - V3948

This antique-looking, distressed gold picture frame features an ornate lip, followed by a scoop up to the outer edge. The finish is a duo-tone of gold and brown over a gesso base, with markings along the outer edge to simulate distress.

The profile width of this distressed gold picture frame is 1 1/8”, and the rabbet depth is 3/8”, making this frame profile ideal for matted works on paper and other thin items such as canvas boards and rigid hardboard panels.

Perhaps the most ideal pairing with this distressed gold picture frame would involve framing antique or vintage art or photos, but another consideration would be to frame posters of Vincent Van Gogh or Gustav Klimt, such as Sunflowers or The Kiss, respectively.

Due to the aged look of this distressed gold picture frame, this gold frame option might also pair with art and imagery typically reserved for a barn wood look. Although the frame features a gold color, the aging lends itself to the realm of a sought-after barn find.

Potential mat colors to consider with this distressed gold picture frame include In the Buff 9524, Haystack 9520, Catcher’s Mitt 9584, Root Beer 9585, and Fresh Brew 9590.

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