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Black Shadow Box - V172

This black shadow box frame features a 1-1/8” wide face, a rounded outer edge, and a 1-5/8” rabbet depth, ideal for original fine art paintings on stretched canvas, along with giclée prints on canvas and shadowbox designs.

The depth of this black shadow box frame allows for nearly any standard canvas depth to fit into this picture frame. Additionally, a fabric frame liner such as Linb-ow could be used in a stacked combination with this frame, and the stack would still accommodate deep canvases.

Consider this black shadow box frame for float-mounted artwork as well, such as watercolors that feature deckled edges. The substantial rabbet depth of this frame allows for plenty of spacing up to give mats a sense of depth, to make the art float.

Matting color possibilities that complement this frame are as diverse as color itself, due to the neutral nature of black frames. You could choose cool colors from our acid free selection, such as Deep Blue 9889, Real Teal 9881, and Pewter 9895, along with warmer colors like Napa Valley Red 9884, Wet Sand 9515, and Off White 9807.

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