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Bronze Frame With Large Scoop - V173

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The oiled bronze frame finish on this deep scooped wood picture frame offers a sophisticated aged complement to home decor such as beveled mirrors, along with vintage photography, antique maps, ocean vessel illustrations, old documents, and drawings or watercolor paintings. The profile width is 3 5/16”, and the rabbet depth is 5/8”.

The style of this bronze frame fits in several design settings, especially living spaces with warm tones that complement the copper undertones of this scooped wood picture frame. Rooms that feature browns and yellows in its decor, along with khaki, tan, and spicy burnt orange and red may benefit from the addition of this frame into the decorative arena.

Subject matter that may benefit from the look of this bronze frame includes vintage images, such as figurative illustrations, maps, drawings of ships, and perhaps even still life paintings of flowers or a landscape of aspen trees in autumn.

For matted works on paper such as posters, prints, and original watercolor paintings and drawings, consider making it a bronze frame and mat combination using acid free archival mats, such as Bruxelles 9853, Tusk 9516, Spice 9836, Catcher’s Mitt 9584, Fossil 9511, Toasty 9514, Wet Sand 9515, and Fawn 9815.

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