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Masculine Picture Frame - V108

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This scooped black and gold wood picture frame by Omega Moulding offers an antique look with embossed divots in the finish. Omega’s title for this profile is called Luna Noche, which translates to “Moon Night”. The divots in the finish complement the name, as they imprint a feeling of celestial character. The profile width is 3 ¾”, and the rabbet depth is 9/16”.

The profile of this Omega scooped black and gold wood picture frame starts at the inner lip with a 7/8” distressed gold ridge that graduates with several subtle steps before rounding over to a recessed flat black span. The black span features divots and is 1 3/8” wide, followed by multiple rounded steps that ascend to a rounded ridge that also curves inward in a recessed fashion along the outside wall.

The substantial width of this Omega scooped black and gold wood picture frame is ideal for a high-end gallery setting of plein aire paintings on canvas or panels. Landscapes are a good pairing, along with nighttime scenes featuring dramatic lighting and vintage urban architecture. Matted works on paper are also a possible pairing with this Omega frame.

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