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Ornate Silver Frame - V506

V506 is a decorative wood frame moulding that has a warm gray-silver tone. The profile is 2-3/4” wide, with an outer edge that protrudes out more than the inner lip, with several miniature steps leading to a flat, decorative design. The decorative finish sits on a gessoed base, and incorporates a hammered dot pattern with swirls that complement vintage art, original paintings, and mirrors quite nicely.

The feel of the moulding is reminiscent of medieval armor, but with a whimsical art deco sensibility, that could be compared to the feel of fine upholstery fabric. The way the light reflects off of the various steps of the profile also enhances the viewer’s sense of shape and depth due to subtle contrast in the metallic finish.

Perhaps the best use for V506 would be to pair it with black and white or sepia-tone wedding photography portraits, due to its unique characteristics of strength and warmth. You might consider ordering this frame with a 4” or larger 8-ply white matboard, which offers a thick bevel and a clean, elegant, and sophisticated look.

Finally, the technical concerns of this moulding are minimal, making V506 a versatile choice. With a standard 1/4” lip and 3/4” rabbet depth, V506 will accommodate a canvas that’s stretched on a 3/4” stretcher bar, without bulging out the back. However, canvases that are thicker than 3/4” will cause the frame to sit further out from your wall.

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